Why I want to be a nurse?

Why I Want To Be A Nurse?

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Despite the world gradually replacing different jobs with artificial intelligence (AI). Some jobs cannot replaced. At least not so fast. Why I want to be a nurse? because nursing has evolved and become one of the most sought after profession in our world today. Medical related professions in general seem to be enjoying a lot of attention.

Nurses are in high demand all over the globe. According to a report by U.S bureau of labor statistics, nursing is one of the fast growing career in the United States. However, being a nurse isn’t so easy. A lot of things need to consider before one can be sure he or she wants to be a nurse.

Who is a nurse?

A nurse is an individual that has graduated from an accredited nursing program and has met the requirements of his or her state, province or country as well as a licensing body. This makes him or her a Registered Nurse and is regulated by a professional body or council.

Why I want to be a Nurse?

Being a nurse entails a lot of preparation, hard work and personal commitment. It goes far beyond the academic qualification. Here are some qualities you should have if you are to be a nurse.

  • Passion for Helping: One quality you must have if you want to pursue a career in nursing is to have a passion for making a difference in people‚Äôs life. A nurse must be ready to help no matter the circumstance and must be ready to break limits to help. As a nurse, you deal with a lot of patient care, therefore, making patient care your priority is a must
  • Great communication skills: You must have a good manner of talking if you are to be a nurse. You would meet a lot of anxious, angry and worried people every day. You should be able to talk to them calmly, allay their fears and still maintain your balance without snapping. A hot tempered individual will not cut out to be a nurse. You must also good at what are the 7 soft skills including four types of verbal communication
  • Quick Problem Solving: A nurse should be able to think out of the box and solve problems fast. The likelihood is that you would be stretched beyond your limits daily with different problems of different individuals. Being able to think and come up with quick solutions would help you stand out and excel.
  • Paying attention to details: As a nurse. You must be calm, collected and be able to pay attention to details. You are dealing with the lives of human and the slightest mistake can prove to be very fatal. Ensure you have the patient to understand and execute according to details if you want to be a nurse.

On a final note, being a nurse entails you not having allergic reaction or phobia for bloody sights. As a nurse, you should get used to seeing sights that might be gory or irritating to the normal human. If you can’t see blood and remain yourself, then being a nurse is not for you.

Why nursing is a good career?

Why nursing is a good career

First, nursing is a responsibility rather than a career. Being a nurse is really important and has many benefits. Job opportunities are highly available, and you can choose any workplace that is convenient for you. In addition to that, job security is higher and safe compared to other careers. Nursing is a diversified field that has a wide range of career fields such as flight nurses, travel nurses, or emergency room nurses.


In conclusion, whatever you take on as a lifetime profession, ensure it is what gives you satisfaction and what you are happy to do. Good luck in your career

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