Overcome Laziness While Working from Home

How To Overcome Laziness While Working from Home?

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If you are a full-time freelancer or working in an office, you may have experience working from home. Many people worry about how to overcome laziness while working from home. As an example, Covid-19 pandemic situation made almost half of the world population to work from home. But if you are not used to it, you feel lazy, tired and sleepy.

Humans are social creatures. They need to move, communicate and behave with the others. SO naturally their productivity goes low when they are working from home. To overcome this, I have listed a few small tips to improve and energize your productivity.

Tips to Overcome Laziness While Working From Home

1. Good Location

How To Overcome Laziness - Location

As you know, if you choose your bedroom for working drag you more into the sleep. Apart from that, choose another room, garden, backyard or any place which as fresh air and enjoyable atmosphere. When you select a room, choose an empty room, lots of goods will distract you.

2. Plan your Day

How To Overcome Lazines - Plan

As a good practice, take paper and pencil or open a notepad and note down what things you need achieve at the end of the day. So you have to focus and work. Otherwise, you will forget important things and become out of focus. Planning will keep you out of  feeling unmotivated working from home.

3. Take small breaks

Even though you are in the office, you will get a short break to talk to your friends and for a coffee. So continue that practice after one or two hour works talk to your family members, cuddle your dog, or listen to a piece of music.

4. Have a coffee

How To Overcome Laziness - Cofee

Not just in the office caffeine in coffee will boost your energy to focus on your work. While having a break, you can taste a strong coffee.

4. Have a snack

How To Overcome Laziness - Snacks

Although too much salt and palm oil not good for your health, you can taste some snacks while working. Some crispy chips are the easiest way to kill your laziness. If you are in any medical condition, you can have some fruit platter as a snack.

5. Organizing Remotely

How To Overcome Laziness - Remote Gathering

Remote meetup is very cool stuff to try. You can have a conference meeting with your buddies. Probably have a tea time or lunchtime with friends as you were in the office. You can also try a small quiz game or maybe singing a song together.


Working from home is hard.  But you should learn how to stay motivated working from home.  Your managers should not spot on you, that you are not productive. Following above might difficult at the beginning, but eventually, you will get used to it.

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