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I Hate My Job | How to Achieve Job Satisfaction

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Have you ever returned after a long day and out of frustration screamed, I hate my job?

There is a more likely chance that at one point or the other while holding onto a job position, you must have made this statement, I hate my job.

Why I Hate My Job So Much

There are many reasons why people hate their job or fall out of favor with a job they once loved. Some are simply discouraged by the salary they earn and want to pursue financial freedom. Others want to have more control over their life. Hence, they seek early retirement. There are many other reasons why individuals hate their jobs. Bad bosses, stress, a job outside their field of study, not enough vacation among a host of different reasons.

One thing everyone should understand is that not everyone loves their jobs. If everyone who hates their job decides to quit, where does that leave the world economy? – in a total mess. Good thing people don’t quit their jobs often. However, what should I do if I hate my job, do I just call a quit? Or get in a messy argument with my boss?

What do I do if I hate my job?

If you find yourself in a messy situation where your job has lost its appeal, and you hate your job, here are a few things you could try.

1. Asses The Whole Situation

It sounds obvious, isn’t it? But, it’s a frequently overlooked step. We all get carried away tend to get so wrapped up in how miserable we are that we neglect to determine what causes the unhappiness exactly. So, it’s time to ask yourself some tough questions about your current situation. Do you really hate your job? or is it your employer? Does your place have a key piece that puts a sour taste in your mouth? Did you dislike your work at all times? I agree this self-analysis is definitely not the first step that you’ve been waiting for. Nevertheless, with a clear head and a narrow focus, these essential questions will lay the groundwork for you to take the next move.

2. Remain positive

I hate my job but it pays well

This is another piece of career advice that you hear when you dislike your current position endlessly. And I’m trying my best to keep away from the same tired feeling. I really believe, though, that a swift shift in your perspective can make a difference for you. It’s all too calm to feel like you’re biding time while you loathe what you’re doing — you’re only putting in your hours until you’re actually able to escape the hellhole. That sour, negative attitude, however, will not make your life any easier. In reality, on the contrary. It’s going to make things worse.

3. Put In Your Best

It’s easy to fall into the coasting trap when you’re unhappy and put it in minimal effort. I’m going to admit that putting your all into something may seem counter-intuitive if you don’t even like what you’re doing. But it will only add fuel to your unhappy fire to falling victim to mediocrity. In high-quality work, push through and continue to turn. Even if you don’t truly enjoy what you’re doing, doing an excellent job with it will definitely help lift your spirits and increase your trust a bit. Plus, if you don’t have anything else, you can at least go home every night feeling good about the work you’re doing that day — something like that.

4. Talk to your Boss

Sometimes, you may have to deal with a difficult boss. A larger percentage of people who hate their job actually don’t have a problem with the job but with their bosses. Bad bosses always end-up with a very bad reputation. If you are not happy with your working conditions as spell out by your boss, the best option is a dialogue. Before talking to your boss, make sure you are in the right frame of mind, let go of the anger and resentment as you would not want to complicate further issues based on your attitude. A dialogue might just be what you need to fall in love with your job again.

5. Develop other sources of income

Some people are Just Over Broke with their jobs. Hence, they have lost their love for their job. If you find yourself in this category, it would be best to try other sources of income while still working. You can try passive incomes, investment in shares, real estate, or you may just engage in a simple part-time job. Upscale your income, and you would surely feel better.

6. Look for Another Job

The worst decision you would make is to quit your job without another in hand. If you feel you don’t belong in the place you work, it is best to look for another job while still working with your current employers. If you hate your job, you would surely detest being unemployed as it is a worse situation.


First and foremost, The truth is your career is a massive part of your life, and if it doesn’t make you feel satisfied and contented, it can have a very significant negative impact on your overall personality and attitude. When the clock strikes five every night, it’s hard to leave the anger at your office.

You can choose to love your job again; you can change your mindset and taking time for self-reflection. The problem may be you and not your employers or surroundings. The key to unlocking this mystery is to understand that you are not in control of your bosses or your environment. You are in control of yourself, and you can make yourself love your job again. 

Give the steps mentioned above and get yourself back on track with loving your job and building a better life for yourself. Always remember, quitting your career when you don’t have another is a very foolish decision and would do you more harm than good. When you feel giving up always remember, you are not the only one who hate their job. Take proactive steps to change your working conditions, and I am sure it is a matter of time before you would be smiling again. 


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