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How to Get a Job Without Experience?

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How to get a job without experience is one of the main problems for lots of job seekers. Persuing their passionate job sometimes blocked by the ‘work experience’ barrier. In this article, we will intensely discuss and guide to your dream career without work experience.

Figuring out how to find the perfect career without experience is a little tough thing, but it is not impossible. There lots of people out there who started their first job without any work experience.

To begin with, let’s discuss the most critical points to get a job. If you are looking for specific problem jump into the FAQ

Guide to: How to get a job without experience

  1. Master your education qualifications
  2. Network with your friends
  3. Do some sample work your own
  4. The resume is the key
  5. Connect with professionals
  6. Go on Social media
  7. Build your soft skills
  8. Patient and Attitude

1. Master your education qualifications

Mastering your educational requirements is crucial to follow the guide on how to get a job without experience. Although experience is highly essential, you can elaborate on yourself with a quality educational background. You may achieve a degree in your industry already, but do not stop there.

Be hungry for knowledge to follow related courses in your industry, especially best professional certifications (Ex: PMP, MSCE, CCNA). There are tons of free courses providers, just register and earn certification. (Ex: Coursera). Besides Udemy courses are on discounts, grab your pick at the right time.

2. Network with your friends

how to get a job without experience | networking with friends

Having lots of friends is an asset. If you can hang with many friends with the strong relationship that might help you in numerous ways. On one side, your friend might get you an internship through his connection.  On the other hand, you can get together and brainstorm ideas and challenges which are common to all.

One practical way that many graduate students are following sends a good quality resume to all most all companies in their industry, asking for training or internship.

3. Do some sample work your own

Having a showcase to exhibit is one of the smart hacks. Just google some sample works related to your field. As an example, graphic designers can search for logo design, banners, and brochure designs. Then create a unique portfolio, better you can host them on a website.

Or else you can take them as printed hard copies or soft copies. This way, you will get some points regardless of the work experience. (Read some tips on How to overcome laziness)

4. The resume is the Key

good resume

The resume is critical that will decide whether to call you for an interview or reject you and throw it into the dust bin. So showoff it!

Download a lovely resume template and find about industry professionals sample resumes on Google. Add what is most needed and highlight your strength.

State some links to your website or social media profile like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. (Before you do that, create a good quality profile first and post or share a professional article related to your industry.)

5. Connect with professionals

As similar to the friends, well-qualified professionals in your network will surely help you.  The best place is to Linkedin or meetups session. If you read the newspaper every day, you might get some information regarding some conferences or meetups in your related areas. Do join and make good relationships with people.

An excellent way to be a highlight is, ask the right questions from the presenter. He will be interested in this, and later you can build the connection.

6. Go on Social media

As of now, social media is a compelling place for advertisement and headhunting. If you maintain good quality profiles with all the updated information, that will get you more success rate.

In addition to that, you can apply for some jobs and on Linkedin. They will look for your profile, and they accept you.

7. Build your soft skills

If you highly worry about how to get a job without experience, this is another crucial factor. Building and practicing soft skills like leadership, communication, negotiation, you will be a step ahead from most of the experience applicants (Read out our what are the 7 soft skills? guide).

Most of the employees not much concern about these factors, but as a beginner, if you practice those, it is a good advantage for you.

8. Patient and Attitude

Last but not least, if you are following all the above steps with proper care, this is the time you go hunting. You have developed the most qualities that need in the workplace, though you haven’t any experience. 

Go to the popular job site in your country every morning, and shoot your resume with a good cover letter. Job seeking needs lots of patience because it is not an easy thing. But eventually, you will get a good job.

Bonus point: you always have to update the latest trends and changes in your industry and reference it if you call for an interview.

If you follow all these steps with proper care, getting an entry-level job with no experience will not be a dream.


What do you include on a resume if you never had a job?

Follow the above steps, improve your educational level, and improve your work showcase. Then market yourself through social media and go hunt jobs.

How to get your first job at 18?

Since you are a youngster, invest more time in building professional and educational qualifications. Then try to jump into this procedure.

What should I do to build quick work experience without a job?

You can works as a freelancer first to get some quality experience. But you must have the right education level and build better communication skills.

Do all jobs require a resume?

It is not. There may be some job types that will need some necessary details. But for professional jobs, it is a must. Mainly when we apply online, without a resume, we could not ask for the job.


There is a big competition for jobs these days. Some countries have increased the unemployment rate significantly. Our purpose of how to get a job without experience guide is to provide some help to job seekers within this unemployment category. Finally you should also aware about tough interview questions and answers, Signs an interview went poorly to prepare for your first job interview.

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