how to find the perfect career

How to Find the Perfect Career

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Have you ever felt that you are stuck in your career? The reason for dissatisfaction in the life of many employees are work stress and burn out. Moreover,  you are working 8 hours per day or more in the workplace. That is nearly 1/3 of your day on the off chance that you don’t tally rest. That is quite a while to be disappointed. Our how to find the perfect career guide helps you to overcome your current issue.

How to Find the Perfect Career Guide

1. Brainstorm ideas on a paper

Brainstorm Ideas - Find the Perfect Career

I’ve discussed this previously, and it’s a procedure I use regularly. Write down your objectives on the top of your document in question format. Then provide at least 20 answers below, of your every objective question. For instance, you could state, “What should I do with my time and life?” Then remain seated for a half-hour to an hour, thinking of answers to all the questions. The outcome of this exercise is, coming up with 20 solutions, and don’t give up until you achieve it. You can continue this repeatedly until you come up with solutions. Please read tough interview questions and answers. Also read signs an interview went poorly.

2. Ask from your best friends (at least 3)

Sometimes our best friends know about us better than anyone. They know our interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Next time you meet one of your chosen friends, tell your idea about the new career. Ask their opinion on which job you are best suitable. They will accurately estimate your ability to find the perfect career. I would say, note down everyone’s ideas and make a conclusion from that.

3. Ask your from your coworkers

As similar to your friends, if you are currently employed, you can get help from your coworkers and boss. They can see the side of you that you cant see. They might have a better idea of you and your skills. Combining with responses you got from the friends, try to explore common opinions.

You can ask them what soft skills you need to build and master more are. (Read out our what are the 7 soft skills? guide)

4. Use headhunting service 

Headhunting service is one of the best options you can try within the how to find the perfect career guide. Head hunters can guide you to an ideal career. Moreover, they have lots of information about job demand and suppliers. First, you need to forward your resume to them, then you can ask for an appointment. Try to reach them, avoiding rush hours. You can explain your thoughts to them to get their idea. My personal experience with these services was very successful.

5. Take a career assessment test

Career Assessment - Find the Perfect Career

Many websites on the Internet provide career tests today. You can take one for a small fee, or there are free sites as well. If you are going to visit the headhunter that I mentioned earlier, they have this software, which you can try out for a few bucks. Unfortunately, you have to take the test in their place. You should also check the best professional certifications.

I have personally tried this method, taking tests on headhunters workplace. It is not as bad as I thought. I got a clear picture of my weakness and provided some hints on the areas that need to improve.

You will begin to see some new exciting areas to explore in your life if you take one test.

6. Maintain a journal

If you maintain a  journal, you can get an idea from it. Deeply looking into everyday things you wrote. Keep watching into your daily activities and your likes and dislikes. You can decide what type of career is most suitable for you by matching with these ideas.

As an example, whether you would like to work alone can direct to you will become an ordinary employee or freelancer. If you like lots of outgoing, you can choose the sales and marketing field. If you are a tech person and can learn anything fast, and you want excellent financial stability, you can select a software development career.

Bottom Line

Discovering what you want to do with your life is the most critical decision you can make.  We spend one third or more of our lives at work.  So presuming out the right career is essential to the keeping of our lives happy and productive.  My purpose in this how to find the perfect career guide is to help you to find a suitable career for you.

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