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How to Deal With a Difficult Boss

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In real work-life, we all have met the right managers and bosses who help us succeed and easy to deal with within the workplace. Conversely, you must have achieved the boss that bit challenging to cooperate. In this guide, I will show you top hacks on how to deal with a difficult boss.

Many of us have fewer options when we have to work under a demanding boss. Unless you find a new job, you have to work under him. This situation will give lots of negative feelings to the employee, such as anger, frustration, less motivated and boring work life. In addition to this, you will having a very bad reputation.

The following are the proven steps written by my own experience in the 12 years of my career life. These strategies will help you to make a better workplace.

Hacks on How to Deal With a Difficult Boss:

1. Understand you have no choice

You have no choice is the reality isn’t it? So now you know it, but do not panic. So if you just start your career, you have to stay calm and let it go for some weeks. May he is having his bad days or conflict with some other things.

They are human too. Having any lousy experience on personal life will inevitably affect the professional life. Give it some time and wait.

2. Use your skills

If dealing with the boss is your only option, you have to use your skills to impress him. You need to master soft skills (Read out our what are the 7 soft skills? guide ). Always show you’re enthusiastic about work. Besides, confirm you are taking responsibilities more than he assigns.

Although you can’t show this honestly, you can still mock it. Ultimately, your goal should make the peace until you leave the company.

Deliver him a proper welcome ever time. You can start with a good morning with a fresh smile. Talk to him often not just the office work some of the general stuff (but don’t overdo this).

3. Calm down

Another essential tip to how to deal with difficult boss is to calm down and be patient. You always have to act professionally. Showing anger and being careless at work will make the situation worse.

Regardless of what negative things happen, you always need to keep your qualities. More importantly, never talk a bad word about your boss with others.

4. Keep track of improvements

If a boss is so mad at you, you have to follow this step. Dealing with bad bosses is never too easy. Therefore record any conversations, reactions, response and improvements.

These records are not to go against him, but for your reference on your progress. You can observe these records and understand what things you need to do differently.

5. Do not mess up your work

Regardless of the influence of your boss, always try to complete it above the expectation. If the negotiating is a bit hard, try with the team leader or with the team to get an idea.

If you have any close friends in the same industries, you can even ask them for pieces of advice on how to deal with a demanding boss? Whatever the situation, don’t delay your work. Show your gratitude always.

6. Be one step ahead

Always try to be a step forward from your work and deadline. You might have to perform some extra hours and a couple of hours on the weekend.

Complete work on before the deadline and showing your dedication will build the trust. Eventually, it will ease the issue.

7. Accept Criticism

As a potential employee, you must build excellent interpersonal skills. Accept criticism does not mean that you should silent all the time.

If your boss shows some of your mistakes, accept them, and make sure you do not repeat them.

8. Observe the triggers

One right way to dealing with a lousy boss is observing and understand the causes of going mad. May be some pressure from a top management or some personal issue.

Approach him when is mood is neutral. Avoid him when he is in anger, especially just after a board meeting.

9. Don’t act dead

Acting dead means if you get a task and you do it, quit and work on something else. Acting dead will make the curiosity that you have done it well or not.

Always give feedback through email, such as you just started the work and any impediments or blockers you have. If you can’t finish it end of the day, update him on the progress with the remaining work amount for tomorrow.

As soon as you finished the task, let him know and ask for new jobs.

10. Discuss openly

If you have tried all the methods and still he is acting the same way, then it is not your fault. The only remaining option is discussed openly with him. Also, show him the attempts you made to ease this situation.

Your records may help here. Explain softly about this. Show your loyalty and hopes towards the company and you will miss all this opportunity.  

Bottom Line

After trying all these methods, there is a good possibility that the boss may change the attitude. From how to deal with a difficult boss guide, we expect to resolve this to some extent. More importantly, these are the authentic experience that I have used got success in my career.

Finally, still, some people don’t change themselves. The safest thing in this situation is to leave the company. Otherwise, you will not be able to grow your career. 

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