Having a very bad reputation

How to Handle Having a Very Bad Reputation

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Having a very bad reputation is very painful for anyone when they faced it. We all like to work hard and earn a good reputation. Moreover, most employees work extra hours and weekends to make this. Regardless of the employee’s effort, he may get a bad review from the management.  There may be lots of reasons causing this, depending on the company structure and management expectations.

As an example, in a large scale company, your effort won’t be seen to the higher management just to your immediate boss. If he is not a very cooperative person, he may not pass your talents to people above him(Read more on how to deal with a difficult boss).

Apart from that, jealousy co-coworkers may give wrong information to higher management.

Finally, you may have worked hard but not to the company’s expectations.

All those things can directly impact to you having a very bad reputation.

Impact of a Bad Reputation

In general, your work will not be appreciated. Besides, your promotional cycles, salary increment, and the bonus will cut down or delayed. Your demanding power will drastically reduce and management will not trust you. You will apart from your your career goals. (Read more on achieving career success)

Moreover, in mission-critical tasks, you will be replaced by someone else.

The evil impact will come in many different ways. First, it will affect your next annual review. Here, there will be a complete evaluation of your past works and commitment. The person or panel might tell your weakness and your under performance on organizational goals. In addition to that, the management will have a one to one meeting with you and deliver their review on you.

Guide to Get Back Good Status

1. Find the Cause

You may get these results due to your mistake or lousy performance. First, look back and check where you went wrong. Most of the time, it is your mistake, even though it is a small one. You may be late to work as a habit although you cover up all your work. In another case, you may not achieve the project deadline or you don’t show the attitude towards the organization.

Don’t panic. “Your best teacher is your last mistake.” Try to list down all the mistakes you made in a paper.  Read it every day, and try to overcome one by one.

2. Discuss with the management

discuss with the management
discuss with the management

Once you figure out your mistakes, you can directly discuss it with the management. You can explain to them; you have made some mistakes, which results in having a very bad reputation on me. Not only that, you can tell more about what steps you took or going to take to overcome those issues.

Take the initiative by yourself is an advantage for you, instead of waiting for them to talk to you first. It represents your flexibility and dedication to be back on track.

3. Show Off your work

 Show Off your work

Doing hard work is not enough when you work for large companies. You must show off your work to let everyone know about your dedication. The easiest way to do this is, learn something new or trending in your field. Then do a small presentation to the company co-workers and the management.

Furthermore, you can request for a training session for internships or freshers. Participate in University visits and guest lecturing about the company and its products.

You may not get a chance to involve everything but show that you are enthusiastic about your career. Eventually, that will help to build the good reputation on you.

4. Mind your environment

Not everyone wants your success. So always wisely choose people around you. Always try to know them better, people who good to your face not always good people. Never gossip or talking bad things about your company with your co-workers. Always try to keep peace with other people, don’t argue too much with anyone about anything.

Bottom Line

Having a very bad reputation is not the end of your career. The different situations will cause this and this is normal. The important thing is how you overcome this wisely. Don’t argue or left the job so quickly. Instead, show them and prove them, they are wrong.

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