4 Types of Verbal Communication

Four Types of Verbal Communication

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The four types of verbal communication is a part of “what are the 7 soft skills?” In this article, we actively discuss verbal communication which is one of the critical concepts of soft skills.

Sounds, words, language, and speech are an essential part of verbal communication. Moreover, speaking is one of the most effective communication methods, which shares our emotions in the form of words.

What are types of verbal communication?

1. Intrapersonal Communication

Verbal communication | intrapersonal

Intrapersonal communication is a type of verbal communication. This type is exceptionally private and limited to ourselves. In other words, some of the silent conversations with ourselves belong to this category.

In this scenario, the sender and receiver of the speech are the same people. Inside our minds, we switch into a different role. Someone can verbally express this practice of communication or else this can stay his mind as thoughts.

2. Interpersonal Communication

Verbal communication | interpersonal

Similar to the above type, Interpersonal communication is one of the types of verbal communication. This communication typically occurs between two individuals. Most of the time, a one-on-one conversation considered as interpersonal communication.

In this scenario, each person will play the role of the sender and receiver while swapping the position accordingly. In other words, a simple discussion between two people.

3. Small-Group Communication

Verbal communication | small group

This form of communication occurs when there are more people involved (which should be more than two people). Here, each individual can speak, but it is not a must, and everyone should listen and understand. In general, board meetings, team meetings or press conferences are examples.

Furthermore, the main issue of these types of verbal communication is, not having a specific problem or topic. Due to that issue, this conversation method could be messy. In addition to that, this type of communication leads to miscommunications. The main reason for this is the lack of understanding.

4. Public Communication

 public communication

This form of communication occurs when only one individual is addressing a large group of people. For example, public speeches and election campaigns can take into consideration. In this case, there is only one sender and several receivers.

As a conclusion, verbal communications are different ways of speaking to individuals, as well as a significant section under verbal communication. To master the skill, someone must learn and practice these four types of verbal communication. These skills are very important when you find a job without much experience. Not only that to deal with difficult bosses and handle bad reputation we should master these skills.

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